Southern Heat

Making quality jams and peppers since 2015

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While on a favorite family vacation in Tennessee, owner Kim Horvath, bought a jar of candied jalapenos.  That night, as they were spending time together in the cabin, the family devoured the entire jar with cream cheese and crackers.  Thinking it was a new food combination, Kim was disappointed she couldn't find them when she returned home to Cleveland.

Kim created her own version of the peppers and shared them with family and friends.  Her new sweet spicy peppers were a hit!  With the help of her family, Kim discovered the Cleveland Culinary Kitchen and obtained a canning license.  She began experimenting with sweet and spicy jams and mustard and people loved them, too!   

Southern Heat is the perfect name, not only because this idea came from a southern vacation, but Kim's dad was born and raised in Georgia.  He loved to cook and even made jams and pickles.  Eating together and spending time together as a family were things he cherished.  It is a great tribute to a wonderful Southern dad.  Now open a jar and watch it disappear...At least now you don't have to go South to buy some!  


What do a family vacation and a jar of candied jalapeños have in common?

  The answer is.... Southern Heat!